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Annual contracts of property management are available to all clients of TMS, this service provides more than just peace of mind but a full service. We offer a service tailored to the needs of our customers

Note that we can offer to each of these services and solutions individually.

Our annual contract property management includes:

An initial consultation with the client *
• Key Custody
• Four travel for emergencies, repairs, shopping ... (if necessary)
• 10% off Clearance rates per hour
* The annual cost of contracts for property management will be discussed with each client in the initial consultation

Initial Consultation

TMS will visit your property, conduct a complete inventory and evaluation of your property. Advise (if necessary) on the furniture, fixtures and equipment for rental customers. Discuss your needs to tailor our service to you, answer any questions you may have and we will show that we are professionals.

Key Custody

The keys of our clients are kept in a safe place. Do not let our staff do not control at all times where your keys! All withdrawals are signed and after cleaning or visit their keys back to the safe.

Displacement property

This service may be necessary for many reasons: check the appliances work, watering plants, checking the doors and windows are tightly closed, repair of moisture or water leaks, insect pests. We checked the water and electricity supplies and freshen your bath water by preventing standing water. His report on the verification of property can be faxed or e-mail.
Status Report property
After a check of your property will send a status report on the property.

If your home needs some maintenance or repair work will let you know. You can be sure that your property is in good hands. If obvious damage is to take pictures and send them online.

Visit Service
This solution is perfect if your property requires maintenance or repairs, or if there is an emergency. We have four shifts if you hire our annual service. This includes our support for 1 hour in four different outputs, the hours will be charged at an agreed rate per hour.

10% off cleaning prices

Each client is unique to Tailor Maid, whatever the size of your property. We know each property, due to the variety of sizes, requiring different cleaning times. The time needed will be discussed at the initial consultation.

With our annual contract property management, you will receive a discount of 10% throughout the year on our standard rates per hour cleaning.

The annual contract price of the property management will be discussed with each client. Our prices are set according to the size of the property and are unique according to the requirements of each client.


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